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IBM 72 Hours of Blockchain

Consumers continue to ask, ‘What is Blockchain?’

This livestreaming program was a commitment to answer all questions from everyone, everywhere, on all aspect of Blockchain, in real-time and from the experts who lead and love this global solution.

Hosted by Matt Hooper of THE DESK and Live From Tomorrow fame, our all-access always-on emcee captures the excitement of the 2018 THINK Conference while covering key sessions and serving answers to a virtual audience hungry for infotainment.


The IBM Blockchain Marketing team was looking for an activation that leveraged the assembled expertise attending the 2018 THINK Conference in Las Vegas to provide an entertaining and educational experience to those who were not in attendance, but who were still intrigued about this revolutionary technology.

The premise behind our execution was simple – Everyone is still learning about Blockchain, Fans and prospects may be at different moments in their journey, but what they share is they all have questions they want answers to.

 What’s the difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin?

What are the benefits of a shared ledger technology?

What can it do for my industry?

Why does my business need this?

How do I begin?

With this as our focus we designed the tenets of our experience. We did not want this to look or feel like any typical event interview series, our goal was to create an active experience, fueled by social platforms, distributed in real-time, and full-of-life in every frame.

So we invented a talk show. Supported by meticulous planning, an incredible roster of talent, a mobile production crew, gameshow, scripted product reads, and a whip smart host – 72 Hours of Blockchain broke free of the booth paradigm to inform the world beyond THINK.   


  • Over 10,000 livestream views
  • Average view time of 16 minutes over the course of the stream
  • Over 20 hours of blockchain content captured
  • Hosted 30 blockchain subject matter experts, clients and ecosystem partners across top industries and IBM Blockchain Solutions and Services.
  • 345 click-throughs of the IBM Platform Starter Plan, link embedded on YouTube page
  • In the month promoting 72 Hours of Blockchain: Twitter following increased by 13%, Tweet impressions are up 200%
  • To drive our 100% organic promotion, we partnered with CoinDesk (750K reach) and Reddit. These outlets provided 6,500 views on the dedicated CoinDesk page and almost 5,000 post views for Reddit with over 300 comments