We’re IBM’s award-winning content studio

We tell stories that matter – using an original approach.

While some brands are copying the agency model; we’re decentralizing and breaking the mold putting our Editors-in-Chief inside IBM’s core business units - right in the middle of the action and unleashing our 700 content experts across the globe.

We’re focused on pushing the envelope – while also launching repeatable formats for all content marketers to use.

And we’re not afraid of failing, pivoting and being agile.

Testing and iterating- making sure we let our audience decide, and not just a bunch of suits.

Because when you put your audience-first, you can make less matter more.

We’re humbled by all the awards and recognition we’re getting, but that’s not where our power stems from.

The true power of IBM Originals lies in the passion in each and every one of our content makers, planners, bloggers, designers, writers, producers and doers.