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Code & Response (Film)

Code & Response, an IBM Original Film


Celebrating the creativity and compassion of developers from around the world.

Audience: Developers
Partner: Media Monks


IBM had a problem. Research showed we were losing the confidence of developers. Humanity had a bigger problem: Natural disasters of apocalyptic proportion are occurring at a more rapid rate than ever before. More than eight million deaths and seven trillion US dollars in economic damage were caused by natural disasters since the start of the twentieth century.


What if we handed over our code patterns and unleashed the creativity of developers from around the world to take on humanity’s greatest challenge: the wrath of Mother Nature. Hosting the biggest hackathon in the world would put our technology in the hands of new audiences and help IBM’s pioneering capabilities and ethos shine through.

We shared their stories throughout the campaign, and we filmed a full-length, cinema-worthy documentary featuring select developers. The movie’s title sparked a new movement, Code & Response: IBM’s new $25 million, 4-year deployment initiative to build, fortify, test and implement solutions including those at coding challenges such as Call for Code. For more on the movement, click here.



Film was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 (our highest-rated session ever) at IBM’s largest annual event (Think)

In the process of making the film, we established a global platform for developers to drive positive change through the code they create for the greater good of all. We created enough momentum that the movie’s name, Code & Response, became the name for the overall initiative IBM launched at CES in 2019: a new $25 million, 4-year initiative to fortify, test and launch open source technology to help communities needing critical aid.



Southeast Regional Film Festival: Best Feature - Gold Award

The International New York Film Festival:
Best Documentary - Winner

The North Beach American Film Festival:
Founders Award - Winner

Shorty Award: Bronze

Telly Awards (2): Gold and Bronze

Clio Awards (2): Shortlisted for Best B2B Cause-Related, Environment

Cynopsis Award: Best Documentary

Hermes Awards (2): Gold and Platinum