IBM Originals

IBM Content Cantina

Let’s rethink thought leadership

Content marketers and IBMers are bombarded with emails and content, what if we rethink how we engage them with a thought leadership campaign that entertains and inspires them to become best in-class storytellers?

Introducing The Content Cantina: A thought leadership talk show designed to engage and educate our internal IBM audience by capturing them outside our traditional internal channels. Our mission is to tell stories that matter to our clients, to our brand and to the world while evolving the B2B content industry.


There are over 300,000 IBMers around the world who need to learn how to be effective storytellers and make great content. How can we reach and engage them to be better thought leaders themselves? How do we set the example ourselves as thought leaders? Our own internal channels are flooded and result in only a few hundred engagements per post. We need to rethink the thought leadership campaign.

IBM Originals is the content marketing arm of IBM. We have been inspiring, training and leading our employees for the last 18 months to become great storytellers. We want them to move beyond the traditional product-centric B2B approach and use more human storytelling. Because, after all, there is no more emotional decision that picking a multi-million dollar tech solution that can make or break your career. It’s time to kill the white paper and create stuff that people actually want to break through and build relationships.

We created The Content Cantina. Hosted by George Hammer, Chief Content Officer at IBM, the Content Cantina is an episodic talk show whose fictional location is inspired by the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars. In it, George talks to some of the most interesting and knowledgeable characters in the content marketing universe who share their expertise. We simultaneously post episodes to our internal community, and externally on LinkedIn.


  • Our Linkedin post engagement rate increased 130% and searches for our content about “Content Marketing” are up over 100%.

  • The industry is recognizing our thought leadership with invites to speak at keynote events like Cannes and Sundance as well as nearly 20 industry awards for innovation and content in the last year.

  • The campaigns that have deployed our best practices and thought leadership have resulted in 23% increase in ROI and over $5B in revenue leads.