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Every Second Counts


IBM Business Resiliency Services is a global network of expert consultants who help IT Leaders and their organizations manage evolving cyber risks and mitigate the impact of breaches. With industry analysts advocating that businesses recognize “it’s no longer a matter of if a data breach is going to occur but when,” IBM sought to launch a bold campaign to further solidify leadership in this emerging market.

Strategic Approach

We wanted to provoke an emotional connection to the urgency of business resilience in an unexpected and attention-grabbing manner.  Videos about managing cyber disruption were identified as a critical element to stop time-stretched CIOs in their tracks and drive engagement.   IDC research indicates that the average cost of a business’ downtime exceeds $200,000 per hour.   We used this insight and focused on “speed-to-recovery” as our creative strategy culminating in two short films featuring rapid recovery scenarios in finance and logistics companies, respectively.

The teams recognized that accuracy, authenticity and believability for each cyber disruption scenario would be a critical success factor.  If the videos did not represent the situations appropriately, significant blowback to the brand’s credibility was quite possible. 


Each video story was based on a true story and grounded in technical expertise.   Lead technical engineers and consultants worked with the creative team to accurately ground the stories in true complications and processes.   The team also tested the final cuts with a focus group of CIOs and Directors of IT, to confirm whether they thought the videos were believable and would make them want to learn more about Cyber Resilience.   The results were resoundingly positive and confirmed the believability of the videos.  All of these measures taken together empowered the team to activate with confidence.

Promotional video trailers, GIFs, and social tiles were activated on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, targeting CIOs and IT Leaders and driving to the campaign landing page featuring the full videos.   Further promotional activation aligned with thought leadership articles on and  The campaign page promoted anchor research from IDC and the Ponemon Institute to drive lead generation. 

Engaged viewers were retargeted to promote progression through an educational journey that served industry-leading research about the extent of risk in all industries and markets, along with the new tools and processes available to manage such risk.  The research was teased as infographics (see below) and ultimately accessed fully by submitting contact information for IBM to contact for further discussions.

Infographic 1: How disaster recovery solutions reduce the impact of data breaches

Infographic 2:  3 reasons why business continuity management should be part of your data breach response

The videos were also featured prominently in presentations and booths at events hosted by Gartner, DRJ, AWS, IBM and others.

Audiences at IBM Think watch Every Second Counts

Audiences at IBM Think watch Every Second Counts


  • Business Results (CONFIDENTIAL)

    The campaign has generated 7500 lead-generation responses, $292.5M in pipeline and $40M in Win Revenue.

  • LinkedIn

    • 682k Impressions, 238k engagements

    • 50% responses were high-quality leads

  • Facebook 

    • 4.78M Impressions, 500k Engagements

  • Organic Social Promotion
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: 195.8K Impressions, 2,872 clicks

  • Site Engagement

    ~17% site engagement rate

  • CLIENT CASE STUDY: National Stock Exchange of India