IoT (Smartpaper)

IoT Interactive Whitepaper


A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Smartpaper that shows how IoT is powering the next industrial revolution

Audience: Manufacturing line-of-business professionals
Partner: Havas


IBM publishes thousands of whitepapers every year, which means that somewhere out there is a mountain of words and information that often goes unread or is lost in translation. Reading a whitepaper in its entirety can be a chore. But what if you could choose how deep you wanted to dive into the content? Turning a whitepaper into a user-driven experience would make the content come alive in the most inventive way possible.


We produced an interactive Smartpaper on the Industrial Internet of Things to deliver information using video clips, facts, and infographics, tied to elements of a “deconstructed view” of an object — like an airplane. A slider at the bottom of the screen acts like a volume control, so you can crank up the detail of whatever you’re most interested in. This increased engagement will lead to a better experience by surfacing the most relevant content to each user.

To explore the Smartpaper, visit The Industrial Internet of Things.



70% engagement rate

Average time spent: 10 minutes

47% more visitors converted to leads than via our traditional whitepapers



The Communicator Awards Interactive Marketing: Structure and Navigation Excellence

MarCom Awards: Digital Media Web Element Other/Interactive Capabilities - Platinum

Content Marketing Institute: Best Use of eBook or White Paper Program - Finalist

Digiday: Best Interactive Content Piece or Series - Finalist

Global Ace Awards Content Marketing: Individual Piece - Winner