The Living Network (Campaign)

The Living Network


Today’s networks have enabled an unprecedented depth to human connections. But the rising demand makes it increasingly difficult for the networks of today to keep up.

Audience: Telecommunications professionals
Partner: Wired


This is a story 46 years in the making, but the network that made this story possible is nearing its limits. Reinvent it with IBM. We recognized that today’s networks are reaching their capacity and thus, the evolution of human connections online are at risk of being stalled. We also saw that the future of networks meant building a network that was responsive and adaptable to the demands it faced. The future calls for a living network that could learn, evolve and self-improve.  


By framing network reinvention under this fresh lens, IBM led a new conversation in the market that expressed the urgency to reinvent from both emotional and strategic perspectives.

We brought The Living Network to life with a series of human stories that were only made possible by the existence of a network that could support the needs of the people who used it. The campaign ran across Digital and Social and included a featured WIRED Brand Lab Report. Read more about The Living Network and get the report here




Shorty’s: Integrated Campaign - Gold

Digiday: Best Branded Content Site - B2B Finalist

Global Ace Awards: Integrated Marketing Campaign

Cynopsis: Short Form Video Festival Single Entry Branded Content/Content Marketing Category - Second Place

Cynopsis: Short Form Video Festival PR or Marketing Campaign category - Third Place

The Communicator Awards: Online Video-Web Series Excellence