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Does a product demo have to be boring?

Does a technology product demo have to be boring? Definitely, not. IBM took a demo to its limits with Brad Turner, Director of 24 and Homeland, and created a  self-guided, suspense-filled action film, which puts viewers in the shoes of an engineer during a citywide blackout.

The film launched at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) inside an immersive theatre, where visitors drove the story by making mission-critical choices on a touchscreen display.


Our mission: To dramatize mission-critical, decision-making moments in an interactive experience that demonstrates how IBM Mobile helps make those decisions better, faster, and easier and take action in the moment.

In turn the objectives of the OUTAGE video and experience across digital and event was to not only delight viewers, but also create awareness of the breadth and depth of mobile capabilities that IBM offers. The offerings are resilient, have the ability to be accessed anywhere, as seen with Jillian and her team, and give companies confidence that they’ll be able to enable their processes when and where they need it.


  • This film spanned physical and digital activations at Mobile World Congress, THINK, and the web at

  • Nearly 11,000 people have experienced Outage at Mobile World Congress and on the web. 

  • At MWC, Outage contributed to a 43% growth in traffic to the IBM booth.

  • The event generated a pipeline value of $227 million with 109 leads.

  • The web version allowed us to expand our reach beyond the event. We had 9,100 visits with an engagement rate of 64% for owned and earned visitors.