Building a smarter demo for smart buildings

Audience: Facilities managers
Partner: In-house


In a world where facilities managers are looking towards technology to make their facilities run themselves…

What if we could demonstrate the vision of what a smart building looks like and how they can make it a reality with IBM TRIRIGA, our facilities management solution?


We created an interactive demo and explainer experience that outlines the five pillars of smart facilities management. We used a combination of interactive building, clickable hotspots, solutions screenshots, elegant imagery and text to bring it to life. The demo itself was left ungated to drive engagement with two different gated CTAs based on where the audience is in their journey to procure a solution. Our audience is now considering a facilities management solution like TRIRIGA as a means of managing their building needs today and also setting up a strong foundation and platform that would allow them to take advantage of their data using IoT sensors in the future.