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IBM You Don’t Know Jack

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Establishing a new bold voice.

IBM is known for many things, but our solutions for Marketers are not necessarily one of them. To create awareness and buzz in the marketplace for our Watson Marketing solutions, we launched a campaign titled “You don’t know Jack.”

Starting with a short video it established a new, bold tone of voice and visual style meant to break through the glut of marketing content and serve as the creative inspiration for all of our assets that followed.

Not mentioning any products, and only calling out the brand in the last five seconds, the video established the pain point of how marketers need to connect all of their data to really know their customers.

Campaign Phases

CARE: You Don't Know Jack video, Landing Page, Social drivers


CONSIDER: Two more videos and an ebook that walked through the capabilities of our full solution in a very relatable way. These assets were similarly bold, colorful and written in broad context to address the value proposition of our whole portfolio, not specific products just yet.

CHOOSE: Product-specific assets such as interactive demos and case studies, consistently retaining the “Jack” style in the visuals and copy.


Why did we do it this way?

We wanted to differentiate ourselves in a saturated content market with a bold tone of voice and visual language. BB2B marketing is complex and often staid, and explaining some of the AI-powered tools can get confusing. But our campaign employed a relatable, bold approach to illustrate both the problem we were solving for and the ultimate solution. A customer journey selling waffles and fitness gear are a lot more specific and relatable than your typical marketing jargon. It’s also a lot more memorable


  • The campaign became instantly recognizable for its unique un-B2B approach to content marketing. Our response rate outperforms IBM averages by 118.2%, the RLM source rate exceeds IBM averages by 20% and our actionable RLM is nearly 125% higher than IBM averages. In the 11 months since launching, the campaign has delivered $9M in RLM Create, $90M in Sourced VL, $6M in wins and $9.3M in influence wins.

  • This campaign represents a fresh way of marketing that IBM is striving to create, and internally it’s been buzzed about because it was so different than the norm and is being pointed to as a one to imitate.

  • We’re a global company, and our Geos wanted to utilize the new creative assets so we worked closely with them to localize the storyline and narratives across the funnel.